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Security and Tolerance Evenet in Poznan/Poland: Quiz and Speech
Eingegeben am: Freitag 11 Juli @ 16:45:38
Football international

"Who is responsable for security in a stadium? a) the supporters b) the players or c) the police?" – that was one of the questions, that had been worked out by twenty pupils both girls and boys from Poznan for a quiz that was held on May 1st, 2003 within the event "security and tolerance 2006" in the "Old Arena in Poznan". The Event was organised by the Marshalloffice and Wielkopolska Football Association. There was also a football match within tolerance-rules and a speech on tolerance that has also been prepared and held by pupils. Mr. Miroslaw Jankowski, former coach from Lech Posen participated as well as Mr. Michal Globisz the coach of national junior team and Mr. Mariusz Kubiak (national hockey coach), who was participating the olympic games in Moscow in 1980. Hessia was represented by Mr. Jürgen Kerwer and Michael Glameyer (both ballance 2006).
Quiz and speech: [ PDF, 67KB