ballance 2006 - overview:

ballance 2006 is a networking and training project based in Hesse, Germany.
The project was officially launched in May 2002 and promotes integration and tolerance through football/streetsoccer with special focus on a peaceful World Cup in Germany in 2006.
To establish the project, a cooperation was formed between the executing institution IBZW (International Centre for Advanced Training in Witzenhausen), the regional political institutions and regional sports organisations:

regional political institutions:
the Hessian Ministry of the Interior and for Sport (HMDIS)
the German Football Association (DFB)
the Hessian State Office for Political Education (HLZ)
regional sports organisations: Football Association of Hesse (HFV)
Hessian Sports Federation (LSB-Hessen)
executing organisation: International Centre for Advanced Training - IBZW

Activities are social competence training for trainers and teachers, regional and European networking as well as promotion of streetsoccer and youth events.
The approach "Streetfootball for Tolerance", developed in Colombia and Brandenburg/Germany, is an important methodological element of the project.
On regional level the main focuses are the cooperation with the Hessian football association and partnerships with schools. Additionally, local communal or non-governmental initiatives within Hesse are integrated into the network.
On international level, ballance 2006 belongs to the founding members of the streetfootballworld - european network and establishes project-cooperations with the Hessian partner-regions in Europe: Aquitaine/France, Emilia Romagna/Italy and Wielkopolska/Poland. The EU-Office of German Sports in Brussels is a cooperating partner concerning European partnership-projects.

During the preliminary tournaments of the school world cup 2002 in Wittenberge: the "Hessenschau" (Hessian broadcasting service) is interested in the experiences of the "ballance girls". The "Italian" team from "Netzwerk Integration Großalmerode" at the school world cup 2002 in Wittenberge ("Netzwerk Integration Großalmerode" is based in north Hesse and aims at better social inclusion of children at school).